1. Exposure Breeds Expansion Extravaganza $35K

The EBEE Project
Students will travel to one or more places; Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC(ICARE) and Atlanta to be exposed to the Beauty Industry in it’s entirety. Beauty Hair shows cost, symposiums. Master Classes. Hotel. Flights. Food. Transportation.

2. A Chance To Thrive. The ACTT Project $25K

Students who graduates with a 92% and higher, pass State Board on first try, will get assistance with Loan repayment for the first 6 months to a year and trained in the importance of paying loans on time and never defaulting. It will assist with their branding and marketing process, (color palette, which platforms, classes on the importance of social media and digital marketing, Identify their niche, how to brand to get a great start and make sense of it all.

3. Happy Helping Hair. The H3 Project. 15K

Student will go to senior citizens high rises monthly and do hair and manicure, shelters, Battered women facilities, Seek partnership with Foster care system, to go into homes and assist Foster parents with all beauty needs for foster children. (Hairstyles, Haircut, Makeup for teens, understand the different types of hair and hair needs as it relates to their diversity of children. (We also will offer services for them)